Professional Trainings:
Training & Awareness - Unchained

3 or 6 hour blocks

What to Expect:

  • Understanding what is domestic sex trafficking
  • How to identify victims
  • Psychological Effects of Trafficking
  • The culture of Trafficking
  • Direct Services for Trafficking victims
  • Barriers to Success
  • Profiling The Victims, Buyers, Traffickers, Facilitators
  • Combating the Demand

Community Awareness
Training & Awareness - Unchained

1-2 hour sessions

What To Expect:

  • Overview of the issue of trafficking
  • Cultural Normalization
  • Ways you can become apart of the fight against child sex trafficking
  • Combating the Demand

  • “Unchained training was an eye opening presentation that was greatly needed for me and other professionals working directly with adolescents. I was able to learn clinical approaches and necessary identifying factors for this population. I recommend this training to any professional and parent.”
    - Missy Longe, MC LPC LISAC Terros | CPS RRT Team Lead Phoenix, AZ
  • “Unchained was an extremely moving and fulfilling training. I work with survivors of trauma and found that the information presented was well-researched and presented in a manner that made it easy for me to utilize in my daily work. Unchained offered various perspectives of the sex trafficking world that made the experience much more comprehensible than any other trainings I have been to.”
    - Marissa Reed, MPA Assistant Program Manager | Sunshine Residential Homes, Inc
  • “They (UNCHAINED) did a very productive job and explaining how these women and children are forced or coerced into prostitution. I had no idea that they even needed sympathy or rescuing. It was also the perfect amount of time to respect my calendar yet make sure I left well informed. Thank you for presenting facts and not trying to appeal to my emotions.”
    - Steve Seaton, Director | IAM4kids mentoring