UNCHAINED is dedicated to educating and empowering communities. We are excited to work with volunteers who have a heart for victims of trafficking and who want to be a part of change in their communities. If you are interested in volunteering with UNCHAINED, please fill out the Volunteer Contact Form. A staff member will get back with you shortly.
Volunteer and Intern Positions Available
Internship opportunities are frequently made available to students looking to gain new skills and to become a part of a team dedicated to making a difference in their surrounding communities. There are many kinds of internship opportunities available including, community outreach team member, event coordinators, activity director, graphic designer, videographer, program developers, social media agents and much more. In a partnership with Arizona State University, you have the opportunity to earn college credit while interning with UNCHAINED. To learn more, speak with an ASU adviser about Service Learning courses (USL).

Positions available anywhere in the U.S

Community Outreach Team

The Community Outreach Team is responsible for providing community awareness presentations and movie outreach nights. This position would require the volunteer to learn the Unchained curriculum and be willing to work in teams of two with another community outreach team member. The Outreach Team would have access to Unchained materials and videos. These individuals also need to be comfortable with recruiting volunteers and asking for financial contributions to support the Unchained program.

Church Liaison

These individuals are tasked to create relationships within the faith based communities to spread awareness about the Unchained program, recruiting volunteers and securing donations of both monetary and requested items.


This person will help to promote various Unchained events and schedule radio, magazine and newspaper interviews. This person will also have access to the Unchained Facebook and Twitter sites to post updates and news.

Graphic Designer

This individual would create graphics to be used for Unchained’s website and marketing materials.

Video Editor

Unchained continues to make videos to raise awareness and keep the public informed about the progress of our projects. We are in need of someone who can utilize our film clips and turn them into promo and awareness videos for our organization.

Positions Local to Nashville/Middle Tennessee

Admin Support

The admin support will assist in organizing office records, sending correspondences with donors and creating the monthly newsletter.

Event Coordinator

The event coordinators will work together as a team to create fundraising events for Unchained. Some of the duties would be to identify event venues, organize volunteer duties, financial projections and event implementation.

Volunteer Coordinator

This Volunteer Coordinator will assist with the recruitment and management of all Unchained volunteers. This position would require someone who is organized, detail oriented and will need approximately 10 hours of volunteer time per week.

Client Recreation Coordinator

This individual is responsible for coordinating recreation/extra curricular activities that are fun, challenging and enriching to the clients. The coordinator would need to create a calendar of events for scheduled activities and communicate the needed volunteers and finances for each activity. Some recreation examples- movies, bowling, sporting events, camping trip, horseback riding etc.

Job Placement Specialist

This position requires networking within the local Spring Hill community to create relationships with businesses for the job placement of Unchained clients. The Job Placement Specialist will also work with individual clients to ensure job readiness of each client.

Education Specialist

This position will work with each Unchained client to ensure that they are reaching their educational goals. The Education Specialist will have knowledge of local GED programs and will work with Unchained GED tutors to ensure each client is receiving individualized attention to meet their academic goals.

Direct Care Staff

The Direct Care Staff will work as a fully functional staff member in the residential program starting in January 2015. The Direct Care Staff will be responsible for the overall supervision and care of the clients. This position requires someone who willing to make a weekly commitment even if it is only for one eight hour shift. Some of the responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining a safe and positive environment
  • Providing transportation to clients to appointments and workplace
  • Enforcing program rules
  • Providing basic crisis intervention
  • Documenting shift activities
  • Supervising client medications
  • Supervising volunteer client activities
  • Assisting with intake assessments of new clients
  • Participate in monthly staffings/client case review