Rachel Irby
Executive Director & Founder

Rachel brings extensive experience with at-risk populations and people in need to her role at UNCHAINED. Prior to establishing UNCHAINED, she served as a Juvenile Probation Truancy Officer, Juvenile Detention Manager, Behavioral Specialist, and most recently as Residential Supervisor for the Catholic Charities DIGNITY Program, working with women exiting the sex industry. Rachel’s experience with vulnerability doesn’t end in her career: growing up in the foster system made her aware of the many factors which can contribute to youth being trafficked. She knows firsthand that the support of a few caring adults can allow at-risk teens to overcome trauma and pursue education and success. Rachel is currently traveling the country educating law enforcement, social service workers, and community leaders on how to recognize potential victims of domestic sex trafficking, and how to appropriately intervene. She looks forward to a day when organizations like UNCHAINED won’t need to exist.